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3 signs your business could profit from working remotely

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2023 | Business Law

Looking ahead and planning for the future of your business can be the difference between success and failure. Big companies are changing to meet the needs of their employees in today’s job market for compelling reasons. As such, it could be beneficial for you to follow suit and consider this similar strategy.

A look inside your business

One way local businesses could adapt is by allowing employees to work from home. As a business owner, this could make your business stronger in many ways. But you should look for certain signs to know if this is the right move for your business. These signs include:

  1. High overhead costs: If your business spends significantly on rent, utilities and office space maintenance, switching to a work-from-home setup could yield substantial cost savings.
  2. Long commutes and/or difficulty attracting talent: Chattanooga is the third highest in Tennessee when it comes to long travel times to work. This could make things hard for your employees. Additionally, your location may make attracting talent difficult. In such cases, a work-from-home model could be beneficial. It would allow you to tap into a broader talent pool and could make your current employees happier and more productive by getting rid of long travel times.
  3. Nature of work: If your business operates primarily digitally and your employees can perform their tasks independently, transitioning to remote work might be both seamless and beneficial.

If these three signs resonate with your business situation, it might be beneficial for you to rethink having a physical office and instead, let your employees work from home.

For the benefit of your company and its workers

Small, local businesses in Chattanooga can learn valuable lessons from larger companies to stay competitive and maintain profitability. For instance, the city’s biggest private employer saw productivity rise with remote work and less commuting, leading them to keep most employees working from home.

Adopting a work-from-home model could benefit your business. However, it is important to make sure your business is safe from potential liabilities that could come up. Given this, you need to complete all necessary formalities related to this change. This way, you can enjoy the good parts of remote work and keep your business secure and compliant. Do not hesitate to seek the guidance of an experienced legal professional to ensure your company is correctly positioned for this change.