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Using Decades Of Hands-On Experience To Benefit You

When you need assistance with a complex commercial litigation case or need someone to fight for your right to compensation after a car accident, you can turn to the experience and knowledge of our attorney, Michael Kuebler. In addition to founding Kuebler and Associates, PLLC, he has 35 years of personal experience in general contracting, subcontracting, property development, property management, real estate sales, mortgage origination, real estate investment and business startups. With a thorough understanding of the trials of starting, running and growing a business, as well as the construction and real estate industries, he will assist you with any issues that may arise and offer simple and cost-effective solutions.

Attorney Kuebler started working on construction sites with his dad at a very young age. In 1986, he worked as a laborer and then moved up to carpenter during the construction of the Hamilton Place mall in Chattanooga. In 1989, he obtained an associate degree in construction engineering and started working as a commercial Superintendent for a large national general contractor. He went on to own a commercial general contracting firm, building over 350 projects. After graduating from law school, he became a Tennessee Supreme Court listed, Rule 31 General Civil Mediator.

Recently, Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) did a feature piece on attorney Michael Kuebler. In the article, attorney Kuebler shares his thoughts on how he went from his start as a laborer to becoming an attorney and owning several successful businesses. Read full article

Providing A Wide Range Of Legal Services

Benefitting from Mr. Kuebler’s immense experience in construction law, our team understands the intricacies of the construction industry and the challenges professionals face. We can help you with a variety of concerns, from real estate law to personal injury.

Construction Law: Attorney Kuebler has contributed to projects as an investor, owner, general contractor and subcontractor. We rely on his experience to help construction professionals and property owners protect themselves and overcome disputes. We can assist you with a variety of construction law concerns, including contracts, manuals, insurance, OSHA compliance guidance, mechanic’s liens and other construction-related concerns.

Real Estate Law: Our team regularly helps buyers and sellers navigate all types of residential and commercial real estate transactions. Our legal professionals know how to effectively approach purchase and sale agreements, commercial leases, title searches, title insurance, quiet title actions, escrow issues, inspections and undisclosed defects.

Business Law: Whether you are looking to create a new business from scratch or are preparing to go public, we can provide the comprehensive business law support you need. As a business owner himself, attorney Kuebler has a firsthand understanding of the difficulties many entrepreneurs and business leaders face. We partner with companies of all sizes and industries and can help you with contracts, entity formation, liability protection, insurance, accounting, asset management, manuals, taxes, payroll procedures and conflicts of all types.

Civil Litigation: We are always prepared to go to court and represent both plaintiffs and defendants in civil matters involving construction law, real estate law, business law, personal injury law and probate.

Mediation Services: Mediation can be a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to litigation. When two or more parties participate in mediation, they attempt to negotiate a resolution with the help of a trained, neutral mediator. Michael Kuebler is authorized by the Tennessee Supreme Court to conduct civil mediation sessions.

Personal Injury: If someone is injured as the result of another party’s negligence, the injured party can sue the negligent party for damages. We fight for plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury cases. We can assist with claims involving car wrecks, premises liability incidents, wrongful death, dog bites and more.

Estate Planning: Every adult should have a plan for what will happen when they pass away or become incapacitated. Our team helps clients from all walks of life create robust estate plans that work to minimize the impact of the burdensome probate process. We can help you draft and implement wills, trusts, advance directives, powers of attorney and more.

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