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When navigating a construction law conflict, you need legal professionals who understand the ins and outs of the industry. Whether you are building a high-rise or are embroiled in a dispute with a subcontractor, our team at Kuebler and Associates, PLLC, has been there and done that.

Our founder, Michael Kuebler, has decades of experience in this area and can provide the hands-on representation you need to succeed. He has constructed properties throughout the United States and participated in projects as an investor, business owner, subcontractor and general contractor. These varied perspectives make our law firm in Chattanooga a smart choice for contractors and property owners alike. We are ready to advocate for you and will provide your case with the sophisticated level of attention it deserves.

Providing A Full Spectrum Of Construction Law Services

Many construction-related issues can be proactively avoided through preventative measures. Some disputes are inevitable, however. When a conflict arises, you can trust that our attorney has experience with that issue, argument or problem. He can offer you the fierce advocacy you need to efficiently resolve whatever dispute you are facing. He knows how to apply nickel solutions to nickel problems, and, if necessary, he is prepared to litigate and win.

Our firm can assist you with matters involving:

  • Contract drafting and review: Whenever you participate in a construction project, you need a legal agreement that defines your rights and obligations, even if the other participants are trusted friends. Contractual language should be straightforward and easy to understand. We can help you write, review, negotiate, finalize and enforce construction-related contracts.
  • OSHA compliance: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforces a variety of regulations that apply to construction worksites. We can ensure your worksite is in full compliance and take immediate steps to resolve any issues.
  • Insurance: If you are a contractor or subcontractor, we can help recommend the appropriate level of general liability insurance. If you are a property owner, we can advise on the applicable course of construction and workers’ compensation insurance policies.
  • Manuals: To limit the likelihood of an accident and resulting potential liability, our firm can assist construction professionals with the drafting and implementation of “best practices” manuals and other published safety protocols.
  • Changed site conditions: A worker, contractor or subcontractor may discover an unexpected problem that may jeopardize their ability to complete a construction project on time or on budget. Changed site conditions may prompt a proposal to change the scope of work, and this request may be contested by the property owner. We can help both sides explore their options for resolving these disputes.
  • Construction defects: Deficiencies in a building’s construction can result in serious issues, including property damage, financial losses and physical injuries. Developers, contractors and subcontractors can potentially be held accountable for problems with a project’s design, materials, and construction. We can help property owners explore litigation. We also represent construction professionals in these cases and can advise on how to proactively avoid liability.
  • Weather delays: No one controls the weather, and a series of adverse events can result in unavoidable delays. Ideally, construction professionals will account for this possibility in their contracts. If weather delays lead to a contractual conflict, our firm can work with both sides to evaluate potential solutions.
  • Mechanic’s liens: General contractors, subcontractors, laborers, suppliers, architects and engineers all have the right to file mechanic’s liens against a property when the owner fails to compensate them for their work. In Tennessee, a construction professional must follow certain rules and meet specific deadlines to successfully file a mechanic’s lien. We are prepared to help construction professionals exercise their rights and secure the payment they deserve. We can also advise property owners on how to avoid and efficiently resolve mechanic’s liens.

With years of firsthand construction experience, you can trust attorney Kuebler to have the knowledge and skill necessary to help you resolve your dispute or concern. As an experienced litigator and a licensed mediator, he will do whatever it takes to resolve your case and help you meet your goals.

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